I want a new bag! an suggestions?

  1. Dear all.. i want to buy a new bag but have been out of it for a while. any suggestions? I want something that will last for years but has some color in it. Maybe red? I am thinking about the 2.55 in red.. but whats the deal in that? are they all gone? Any way i can still get it?
  2. There will be a new dark red classic flap for fall in a glazed lambskin, and you can still get on a list for that. As far as the red metallic reissue, try calling the Paris, Rue Cambon store. Good luck!
  3. wow.. i think im all for the new glazed dark red. do you know how red it is? is it like the 07 red?
  4. What bags do you already own so I can get some ideas? :smile:
  5. well the two chanels i have are the metallic black 2.55 in 226 and the white classic caviar in medium/large. the rest are not chanels. i kind of want tote or shoulder bag as well.. but scared that they wont be as classic.
  6. huh??? 2.55 rose and grey??? wowwww!!! me want more!
  7. yes, for flaps there are some other threads that have been posted detailing the new reissue and flap colors to be expected in fall... you can check them out to see if you want to put your name down now for anything that you might be interested in.

    -there ARE some great CLASSIC totes if you're looking for something more tote/shoulder bag-ish. -Either a GST or Medallion tote -which are both great classics that are beautiful AND functional. They have the logo on top of quilted caviar -very Chanel IMO. -You can look them up in the reference library to get an idea if you like them.

    Good luck!