I want a Mono Summer Color Speedy!!!

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  1. I think it would be GREAT if LV came out with the monogram canvas in spring colors, but not like the mcs. I'm thinking more subtle like blue on blue or green or green, etc. I really want a summer speedy but not a fan of the mini lin material or the mc's. I would consider the EPI but they're too heavy. Does anyone know if they ever did make a color monogram canvas speedy?
  2. I don't think they ever did make those, but I agree with you that they should come out with different color canvas...who knows if that will ever happen though?? Go for an azur speedy or epi Ivorie! :smile:
  3. They already have MC and Dune mini lin with the monogram on. Dentelle is maybe not that summery.

    They have lots of other style without the monogram that are perfect for summer; antigua, azur and white epi.
  4. oh, green would be so cool....
  5. Pink in either mono or mini lin would be soooo TDF!