i want a manhattan gm sooooo bad!!!

  1. ahhhh i cant stand it anymore.....i NEED this purse. its all i can think about! lol....i need therapy.....i even thought about selling some of my other bags to get it. so you know i really want it! geez!

    and i wanna ask for it for christmas from my bf but its kinda expensive...and if he got it its probably the only big thing id get. i hate to think my one big christmas gift is a purse. *pout face* even though its alost $2,000 id be dissapointed if it was the only thing i got.

    does anyone know if LV does gift cards, like everyone could buy me a gift card for whatever amount and i could just add all those up. prolly not huh??

    anyone got any ideas.??:Push:
  2. They do have gift certificates. :yes:
  3. LOL I wouldn't have a problem if I just got that from my fiancee:smile:

    Cuz it wouldn't be like that was ALL you were getting for Xmas...you would still have gifts from family, friends, etc.
  4. yeahhhh gifts from my friends are pretty hit and miss. lol....usually miss. i always get ppl gifts and usually they are like oh i didnt know u were getting me anything so i didnt get you anything....yeahhh. plus alll my friends are boys (which i guess explains it lol) i only really have a couple girlfriends so most of my gifts are from my bf. family....the gift thing has gotten pretty lax. i think its cause im getting older and no one really knows what to get....that why i thought gc would be a good idea....something structured for the ppl that dont know what to get.
  5. with the gc can you buy and use those over the phone?? there isnt an LV in my state.
  6. That's what I did for my 21st bday!!! I've gotten 600 so far and still waiting for them to come in...
  7. are they paper certificates or gift cards??