I want a Luxe Bowler too!!!

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  1. So after seeing all your pics of this gorgeous bag, I think I really really want to get one! My problem is firstly, how do I get one now and secondly how much is it given all the recent price increases? Can anyone help??
  2. Go to Chanel.com and call the toll free number...they should be able to answer your questions accurately.
  3. Thanks!
  4. I wanted a Luxe Bowler too.. But the thing that's bothering me is that when I tried it on before in a Second Hand Shop.. My Arms look fat in it.. :/ That's why I doubted with getting the Pink Luxe Bowler..
  5. Seriously??? Whoa I think I better try it on before I decide anything! Sigh..Anyway all that may now be a moot point since I'm probably not able to get it anytime soon..
  6. ^Yes. Maybe because I'm fat right now.. I don't know.. But it really don't look gorgeous on me.. I was in love with the Silver Luxe Bowler too before.. But it stopped me from buying when I tried it in real life..
  7. shiny hair, check out the reference library for bowler pix...I remember seeing some really nice modelling pics...
  8. Personally, I think the lux bowler is better as a hand held. I can wear mine on the shoulder, but it's not comfortable and bulky. Definitely look at the pics. I still love my bowler though!
  9. I am a luxe bowler fan too! After seeing the modeling pics and celebs with it, I am seriousely considering getting one....bad bad me~ I am having too many on my wish list and once I start buying I can not stop~!
  10. i know, i want to jump on the luxe bowler bandwagon too! where are they??
  11. that bag is gorgeous!!! i have it in the metallic black goatskin. it's not as structured as before but it's gorgeous nonetheless! some ladies have heard that
    the luxe bowlers are coming back...
  12. oh I HOPE so!