i want a las vegas diamonte paddy!!!!!!!!

  1. i want one if these sooo bad i have been hunting for a few months now and can not find one!
    i know some of you very lucky ladies have some!!!

    now do i just settle for a argent colour paddy as i will never find one of those beautiful diamonte ones?

    or shall i hold out in the hope i might the one?

    do you ladies know where i could get one?:shrugs:
  2. Girl - I want one too! It is a bit of a holy grail. Only I wouldn't be fighting you for it since I need a bigger one. Alas, medium sized Paddies look terrible on me. Just keep thinking positive vibes and sending out the request to the Universe and one will show up! I just know it! (Especially if you keep checking HERE...)
  3. Does anyone have a pic, can't believe I'm not sure which one this is.......the bagaholic that I am.
  4. silverpad.jpg

    here its is,
    is anyone know is ones being sold somewhere are is selling one please let me know!!!
  5. Beautiful. Thanks!! Will let you know if I run across one.
  6. They are gorgeous!! GL in your search!!!
  7. I got mine on eBay, so it's possibly worth setting up a search on there.

    Sadly I believe there were only 50 ever made, so it is kind of a needle in a haystack situation :push:
  8. im willing there for one to appear!!!!!
  9. Yea, I heard that there were only 50. I was able to get my hands on a brand spanking new one last year....I wasn't looking for it, but it was an opportunity I couldnt pass up. I was sooo wanting one after I seen ilovemybug's las vegas paddy. so yea I think there is a chance but since paddys are becoming more scarce, the chances are harder! good luck on your search!
  10. What a GREAT bag:nuts: I really hope you can find one!!
  11. or just buy a a regular metallic paddy, hunt down a diamante padlock and change the padlocks ( and leather stripes )..thats what i did with my aubergine! :graucho:
    paddy1.JPG paddy2.JPG paddy3.JPG
  12. yes this did cross my mind,if i got a argent paddy and did this it would look similar!
    i love the bag is that aburgine? im thinking of getting this bag!
  13. to all those ladies that have the chloe lv paddy, is there anything inside the bag that says that it is 1 of 50 or it is a lv paddy, i worried about finally finding one and then it not being the real thing and simply one someones changed over?

  14. yes its my aubergine baby! it took me about 45 months between buying the bag and finding the padlock but it was worth the wait! plus now i have even more LE paddy ;)

  15. So is the padlock off a Vegas? What happened to the bag?