I want a huge handheld bag in mono...

  1. ... what would you buy ? :confused1: I was thinking about the Speedy 40 :nuts:

    What would you buy ? :idea:

    Don't be afraid of proposing bags which can be enormous !!! lol :p

    Thanks !!! :okay:
  2. i just got the speedy 35...and I love it. I like big bags, but personally I think the 40 is way too big...looks like a duffle bag.
  3. I like the 40, maybe even a carryall?
  4. Keepall 45!

    or Speedy 40!
  5. IMO the speedy 35 is WAYYY huge I cant imagine seeing someone carry the 40 daily! Its way too big for me but I have to admit that the 35 looks great om Jessica Simpson! Id go for the speedy 35:smile:
  6. i have the speedy 35 and i too LOOOVE IT! it just doesn't look as good when I don't carry a lot of stuff, so i usually stuff it with a sweater so it doesn't sag too much.

    why don't you get a Saleya MM/GM (if you really want huuge), or cabas mezzo.
  7. I like the Speedy 35 or 40!!!
  8. I would say the Cabas Mezzo.

    I have it and LOVE it. It's basic, light and comfortable on the shoulder. I love that it has a zip top closure and a tapered shape.