I want a HH Havana Hobo in read

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  1. Hi everyone

    Just discovered this forum, and I would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me where I can buy the HH Hobo. I found one in a store, but it actually looked like it had been used. I just love it, but after trying to find it online for a while, I am afraid it is not in stock anymore. Anyone who knows?

  2. #2 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    The website is all sold out right now, but there is a red Havana up on evilbay right now, I think. Is that what you are looking for? :smile:

    ETA - oh no, I don't see it there anymore!

    Well, just wait awhile, and I guarantee another one will come up.
  3. Thanks for your responds. Very helpful.
    I might be able to have a store here order it for me, but if I can get a deal on Ebay that would be great. The streprice here will be around 450. I have never bought anything on Ebay, so I don't know exactely how it works. The bag is listed for 259.99. How much should I bid? And can anyone set up a Paypal?

    By the way, I ordered a few items from H-H. A Conrad shoulderbag in red (planning on giving it to my mom) and two cluch wallets. And I want more.

    Thanks for your help.
  4. Congrats on your HH purchases. The Clutch Wallets are fab!
  5. Chances are that if you bid the opening amount, you will get it. It is not a "cheap" price, but is a good deal if you are looking for that bag. I think that all you need to set up a PayPal payment is a credit card. If you have an eBay account (you'd need it to bid, anyway), you can always send a message to the seller and ask if she would accept a check or money order.
  6. Hi everyone. Just ordered it from H-H. Thanks a lot for telling me about it. I'm really excited.

    Anyone who has seen the Havana in brandy and cordovan? Which one is prettier? Love the one that "I Love HH" has in the picture too.
  7. ^ The Havana I have in my avatar is the Yam leather - IMO, one of the most versatile colors!

    I haven't ever seen the brandy, but the cordovan leather looks yummy. I prefer the lighter leather for a more, I dunno, informal look. Earlier Havanas came in a classic tan leather called "Saddle." Those are the only ones that came with the matching tassels.
  8. The cordovan and brandy look exactly the same to me in those pics. My cordovan is a rich chocolate color, since I sprayed it with apple protection. Love it.