I want a Hermes wallet - advice anyone?

  1. Hi!

    I've been collecting LV for some time, and I've now decided that I want a Hermes wallet. We haven't got a Hermes store in Oslo, but I'll be going to New York in march this year, and want to get me one then.

    What I need advice/help for: I'm not really familiar with the different wallet styles of Hermes, although I've seen some different ones. What I really like about the ones I've seen, is the very clear colors, and I'm thinking about getting one in blue, orange or green. It should be a wallet that fits some cards, coins and bills, and not too small.

    Can you help me out with the name of some models and their prices (or approx prices) in the US? Or post some pics? That would really help me alot! Thank you :yes:
  2. Hi! In the reference threads toward the top of the page there will be some wallet info. I don't have an Hermes wallet yet myself but I would someday like to have a small Dogon in orange (It's around $1000 USD). I collect LV as well and love how the orange looks with Mono or Damier. :flowers:
    I think most H wallets will be upwards of $1000 USD with many of them around $1600 or so. Hope this helps!
  3. I go for Bearn wallets myself....more ladylike and enoughroom for my credit cards and cash...
  4. Forgot to add though, that choice of wallet is a very personal thing, really depends on your needs and likes. When you go to New York, just tell the SA that you arelooking for a wallet and can she show you all the available models in your fave colors. They will be more than happy to show you what they have...good luck in your search!
  5. MrsS, thanks for the great links!
  6. yes, thanks...I want a H wallet and have been wondering which one, size, etc.....now, decisions, decisions.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  7. Thanks for the advice! And thanks for the great links MrsS! I'm looking forward to going overseas, and to check the store out at Madison :yahoo:
  8. I want one to. Good luck!
  9. I love the AZAP, but the price I don't.
  10. Is a tri-fold bearn really looks thick? This is my first time getting a hermes wallet. need some advice.
  11. I soooooooooo want a Bearn Wallet! Darn tPF!