I want a Green Tea Ice Cream colored Balenciaga bag!! They should make it!

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  1. I absolutely love the color of Green Tea Ice Cream. It's like a retro 1970's green color. So so pretty! I think Balenciaga should make this color and in fact call it Green Tea. Then in keeping with the Japanese theme, they should do a Maroonish Pinky Red and call it Red Bean ;)

    Here is the color I am talking about!


    Anyone like?
  2. verrrry close to Chartruese!! (which is my absolute favourite color in the history of colors!) I would buy in an insstttant. It's so vintagey, girly, and edgy, and trust me.. the perfect pop of color!

    i wish they'd do more unusual colours like this, i'm not really into all the different shades of brown, biege, and even blue and red. this (and the other color you suggested) would be so perfect and dynamic!
  3. It almost has an avacado feel to it, very pretty!!!!
  4. I would sell almost every other bag I have to fund a purchase in this color. Let's email Bal right now!
  5. wow! i would love to see bbags in those colors too!
  6. Nooo, why did you post that???

    Now I have to go down the street after work and buy some red bean and green tea ice cream. So much for this diet.
  7. Haha lets email them suggestions! I am glad others like the idea too!!! And yeah it does have an avacado feel to it. You're right :yes:
  8. love that color!
  9. Oh WOW!! That is seriously yummy and I would be straight on the list to buy one of those beauties!! I love it!
  10. Don't want my BBags in green tea or red bean, but you've made me want to down a pint of green tea or red bean ice cream!
  11. That would be lush!
  12. How can we send them this suggestion??
  13. It's almost like pistachio...but so much richer. I would totally get one in a first. I love the color...now to get them to make one.
  14. Yeah and I love Pistachio. It's on my wish list but I doubt I will ever come across one. I like the richer color of Green Tea though. AHHH we gotta get them to make it available!!! :yahoo:
  15. I love it, I would buy it right away