I want a Damier Sophie...

  1. If you don't live in Hawaii or Japan how will you get one?

    I have an old high school friend who lives in Hawaii, but only talk to her once or twice a year and I would feel weird sending her the money and asking her to get me one. But I want one so bad :hysteric:.
  2. I think that's your only hope. If you're anywhere but those places, you either have to have dealt with an SA in one of those places or pay the secondary market prices.
  3. Definately don't want to go the eBay route. the mark up is too much.
  4. I know, that's what I mean. Your only hope is your friend in Hawaii since you haven't bought from the Hawaii store before and you don't want to pay the eBay prices.
  5. My DBF is going to Japan next month to begin his grad studies and I am going to ask, actually force him to get me one ;)
  6. any photo this is piece??? plsssssssssssss
  7. thanks lv classic
  8. I begged my SA to get me this bag, since he's good at remembering me for the WLs, but since I don't live in that Pacific ring, he said it was "no can do"......
    I wonder why they market these goodies to that specific area?????
  9. I may eventually purchase this on eBay someday :sad: Wish they brought these cuties to the mainland!
  10. I want one too, but sadly ebay is the only way for me...
  11. I'm going to Tokyo in September and was hoping to get one, but it dosen't look like it's gonna work now that the release there is in November...

    I'll definitely ask about it at the boutique there, and will probably ask my brother/friend/colleague to pick it up if I can secure one.
  12. I wish we could get these here on the mainland. :sad:(
  13. I can't understand why they are so limited like people can't get it if they're not in Hawaii or Japan!!!!
  14. I want one too. My only source is my aunt who lives in Tokyo, but for some reason she doesn't seem to want to help me out! Argh!