I want a cute Affiche piece. Which one?

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Which Affiche piece?

  1. Monogram Key Pouch

  2. Damier Key Pouch

  3. Monogram mini pochette

  4. None. Save for a new wallet or bag instead

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  1. #1 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
    This line is so super cute and the pink it really drawing me in. I wish I could buy several pieces but for now I need to decide on one

    I could use a new attachement for my keys to hold business cards, access cards, etc.,. The key pouch would be perfect for that. I like both the mono and Damier. But the mono draws me in a little more because its got the luggage on the front and the Damier only has the writing.

    I also love the mini pochette because its pink and soooo cute. But I know it will be hidden inside my purse 90% of the time so I'm wondering if its a wise purchase especially since I own a regular pochette and a mini patch pochette already
    But since its a limited item I really don't want to regret it later. GAH! help.

    So all in all I want 3 items (mono and damier key pouch and mono mini pochette). But which one to get first? Any WHY?

    Here is a pic for reference that I found in the Affiche Club courtesy of Pitarylg who was lucky enough to buy all these items!!!:nuts:

  2. I think the Mini Pochette is the cutest! Good luck choosing!
  3. Tough decision but I'd go for the mini pochette first and sell the pochette you already have.
  4. i like the mini pochette too.
  5. Get the monogram mini pochette. I love mine.
  6. Yup, the mini pochette is too adorable to pass up. It doesn't always have to be in your bag...you can carry it or hang it off another one of your bags. I saw someone here hanging it off her azur galliera and it looked awesome together :smile: GL deciding
  7. Mini Pochette
  8. mono key pouch! I love any cles, they are so practical for holding cards!
  9. tomorrow i will go to buy a mini pochette in monogram..i hope they have it because online it's sold out :sad:
  10. Mono key pouch
  11. mono pochette defo!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks everyone. This is hard.
    I wonder which will sell out first? maybe I can get one now and the other next month???
  13. Mini pochette! I like the design the best, and love the pop of pink!
  14. key pouch
  15. I am honored you used my picture! This line was just too cute and like I said, I had to sell off a bag to get all of these because I just could not make up my mind! The key pouch in Monogram gets my vote because it is large like the vernis cles has the back pocket to put your drivers license in for easy access just like the vernis cles. I think if I had to pick just one the key pouch would be it.
    Thanks for using my picture! I am so flattered!