(>.<) I want a coin purse so bad!!!

  1. :crybaby:I've been looking for a violet and jaune coin purse everywhere... but no luck!!!

    Ok... so I have a chance to get one in other colours. Tomato or ivory???

    I really like the ivory colour :heart: but I'm scare it will get dirt very easily. I don't know if I should get the tomato, since it is so bright.

    ;) Any suggestions?
  2. I think tomato would be a very cute pop of colour. And because it is bright, it would be easy to find inside a dark handbag!
  3. I will vote for tomato too :yes:
    Coin purse in bright colour is just so cute!
  4. Call the Barney's NY stores, all of them. They have violet and jaune. If one doesn't have one, another store might. Good luck!
  5. I have a rouge coin purse and i dare to say its absolutely gorgeous. I adore it dearly. I have also wanted a Ivore but dun think it's easy to maintain, so I aborted the color. Coin purses in bright colors are super cute, so I'm definitely voting for tomato!!! :tup:
  6. Btw, there's definitely some violet and jaune coin purses still available. So dun give up and good luck dear.:smile:
  7. have you tried Barneys?

    nada: you have a rouge coin purse too?? ;)
  8. Thanks everyone :flowers:

    Yes, I've tried Barneys... but none left..... :cry:

    I found a 06 lilac :heart: Should I get that one instead???
  9. Did you try the Barneys in Beverly Hills? They had some juane and violet last week. I would give them a call.
  10. ^ Thanks simona7 :heart:
  11. Yes, I do Pluiee. Besides rouge, I also have an ocean, black, mastic, pale rose, jaune & violet. They are jus sooooo cute and I can't help falling in love with them. :p
  12. If you still can't find jaune or violet at Barneys, go for the tomato...the color makes it so easy to find in the depths of your bag.
  13. I do think Tomato would make a cute coin purses (oh well, they are all do :p:drool:)
  14. My goodness, it seems you have a very very cute collection there :nuts:....I am drroling here :drool:
  15. Thanks everyone :flowers: