I want a Chloe bag. But which one ?

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  1. I love Chole bags and I'm thinking of gething one. Is there any good eBay people to deal with or what should I watch out for in-case its fake ? Like the Key elements:confused1:

    I'm sooo Excited to get one:yes: I love the look of the Paddington :graucho:
  2. Welcome! Definitely go check out our Reference threads. There are lots of excellent pics and tips for spotting fakes. And definitely post any bags you are considering from eBay in our Authenticate This Chloe thread (in the Chloe shopping subforum).

    Good luck on your search!
  3. Jag is right. You'll find a lot of information in the threads mentioned ^^^. Good luck and be careful with your search ;) on finding your perfect Chloe bag.
  4. Thanks a mill :smile: I was looking at the ollie today its really cute
  5. http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/15887

    i am thinking about getting the above chloe bag - but do you think the bag looks grey? i dont know whether it is just the photo, or not, but i wanted a really black one. do u know if there is one out there? or is this it?
  6. That bag is black - it's just the pics.

    This is definately it and NAP are 100% authentic plus they have free shipping on at the mo so you should order it and get it and see what you think. I am sure you will love it though

    Keep us posted
  7. Meant to say as well NAP return process is so easy and free as well so if for some reason you dislike it (which you wont I dont think) then return is easy