I want a CHANEL!!!

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  1. I'm looking for my first Chanel. If anyone spots a great deal on a Chanel, please let me know. I'm saving,skimping, and trying hard not to buy any more handbags so I can buy me one.:rolleyes:
  2. Probably best to check out eBay, but make sure to have any bag you're looking at authenticated in the Chanel authentication section first. Best of luck. =)
  3. Will do...thanks.
  4. Chanel will never lose its value
  5. Ok we will be on the look out1
  6. I've never seen "deals" on classic Chanel but if you buy from Saks during an ecg event. You can save on tax and get a GC. So that to me is a "Deal"
  7. Chanel prices keep going up, and up! Its possible to find a deal sometimes at Neiman but you basically have to be in the right place at the right time - or be in cahoots w/ the SA.
  8. Well if you lived in NY, I'd say go to the Chanel outlet in Woodbury Common. Sometimes you can really find a deal. Other times they have a lot of nothing. But...a couple of months ago I found a pink patent over-the-shoulder tote that was originally $1310, marked down to $1030 with an additional 60% off. So I paid a little over $400 for my first Chanel and it was NWT. Again, it's hit or miss. Sometimes they just don't have anything or the mark-downs aren't much better than the end of season sales at the boutiques, Neimans or Saks. Good luck.

    Hmmm, maybe I ought to be a personal shopper for those of you outside NY.
  9. Wow! I wish I lived in NY!
  10. No you don't. The sample sales and other opportunities to spend way too much are EVERYWHERE. You'll look great as you buy generic bread.
  11. Did you check the Chanel thread? They are def good with this stuff!
  12. I feel exactly the same way I just came back from France and I couldn't find a classic chanel in pink, I was so upset that I came home empty handed. But I will definately let you know any Chanel deals that I come across.
  13. I saw a pink mini flap bag on sale at Saks in July and I didn't buy it. :sad: It was marked down from approx. $1500 to under $700! I'm still kicking myself for letting it go!
  14. Not sure if this is still the policy at bloomies but I opened up a bloomies account and got 10% off my first (and only) chanel.
  15. Found my two authentic and vintage-but-in-great-shape Chanels on Ebay, and was thrilled with them. BUT...to avoid fakes (they are legion on Ebay)do a member search on Ebay and find burberry_princess. She publishes a guide to Chanel with photos and details on how to spot fakes and authentic Chanels. I have the 2.55 quilted style with the chain shoulder strap in beige, and a black lambskin drawstring bag with the CCs stitched on the outside. I ALWAYS feel rich and special whenever I carry them. The first one I scored for about $160, and the other for $155. The best times to bid on them are January, February, July, and August, when fewer folks are bidding on them. Good luck!