I want a Chanel metallic silver bag. Suggestions???

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  1. I saw a picture today of a matte gold metallic quilted Chanel Caviar tote. I think it was from the 2006 Spring/Summer and Cruise Line. I want to know if this bag comes in silver too? Any other suggestions for a Chanel silver bag?
    Thanks again ladies! I wish I could make up my mind...
  2. I love the luxury flap and bowler (I think that's what they are called) in the silver color. so so pretty!
  3. I second the luxury flap and bowler! Both are hard to find I think (I mananged to track down the bowler though)! I saw a metallic dark silver luxe flap at Saks nyc about a week and a half ago... if you are interested in that bag, it's worth a shot inquiring about it!! :smile:
  4. A DArk silver will be really nice I think and much more versatile then a bright light silver I third the luxe bowler or flap, although I'm partial to the bowler the flap looks amazing as well!