I want a caviar petite shopping tote, I think...

  1. I'm really bad at finding things in old threads on bags I like, can anyone direct me to pictures or info. on this bag?? I'm really interested in the size and what it looks like on, thanks!
  2. I really like this bag too, and the Grand size also. I'm sure there are some pics up in the resource section. There's also a pic of it being worn, maybe in the "Pics of You and Your Chanel" up in the resource section.
  3. the petite shopping tote measures 9.75wide x 9.5tall x 3.5"

    I can post some pics of my white one being worn this afternoon
  4. Oh yay! that's such a perfect size for me:yahoo: Hopefully I can find one when I'm in Hawaii!
  5. Jen, is the Petit divided into sections like the Grand? I was thinking since it's a lot narrower, that maybe it was just one big open section. Would love to see pics of your white one.
  6. i have the petite and the grand. i like the grand better. it's such a substantial bag. The petite is nice to hand hold or over the elbow. The grand tote is one of my big guns. My grand is black with gold chains and my petite is white. these bags are timeless. just timeless.
  7. i have the black one and currently figuring out if i should get the white (thought over many times) i have pics lemme find some....

  8. oh you should! it would be so cute!
  9. ^^ yes its so AWESOME, but i was asking myself if i want to get the petit shopping or save my parents money into my hermes fund? idk ive never been this way about anything before i usually just buy and keep buying lol i think im maturing LOL
  10. Ladies,

    I need to pick your brains a little. So I just got a call from Saks Fifth Avenue, one of the SAs told me that there was a LIGHT GREEN A20994 (Timeless CC)/Petite Shopping in Caviar. Can anyone confirm this?

  11. A20994Y01864 is the right number!!! CAVIAR????? ur saying ONE OF MY favorite colors come in my FAVORITE leather ????? WUT WUT WUT??????
    i think im gonna faint :amazed: :amazed: :wtf: :wtf:
  12. AND ONE OF MY FAV. BAGS ?????!! oh jeez, hermes is just gonna have to wait!
  13. Yes it's a caviar. The price is $1,095. So I am assuming it IS the right bag? I bought it anyway and will ponder upon the color later. So I called NM, Chanel store to look for a white one, but it's sold out, so I decided to call Saks Fifth.
    The Customer Service Rep transferred me to the Houston location which DOES not carry Chanel. But the lady tracked down that serial number in that COLOR for me.
  14. 1095 is the right price for this season!! omg omg omg om gom gom gomgomg3k rergky goiuhg pu4hliuh3 im so excited pleasssse post pics, i havent gone to chanel in the longest time, i think they forgot my name
  15. Don't drool yet. I'll get it in a week. So hopefully it will be here when I get back from my NY business trip. :graucho: I'll promise to share;) , the pics that is.