I want a brikin bag ! Help ME out

  1. Hi

    I want to buy my first birkin bag but I'm not sure which color \ size shall i get ???

    I'm 158 tall ( 24 years old ) , & I like big bags

    shall I get 35cm ???? & how a bout the color shall I get something natural color or ....????

    Thanks ,
  2. Yes, get the 35cm

    Do you plan on buying additional Hermes bags in the future? If not go with a neutral like Black, Gold, Etoupe, or one of the browns.

    However, I would suggest you look at your wardrobe and see what colors you wear the most ( other than black and white)...and perhaps buy a bag from that color family. You know you will use a bag in color if you buy one in a color you love and wear often.
  3. Thanks :nuts:

    I wear a lot of brown ....but not sure if I'll get a brown bag .... ( Tan color or Drak brown ) !!!!
  4. maybe gold, natural, or graphite?
  5. mmmmmm
  6. Mira....Gold or blue jean are the best first colors to buy IMO!

    Goodluck :smile:
  7. maybe chocolate (dark brown) birkin?
  8. Etoupe....:yes:
  9. I vote for gold.
  10. I love gold or etoupe.
  11. Rouge H?
  12. Vert Anis & Chartreuse goes with brown/khaki very very well. :yes::heart:
  13. Definitely get the 35 :smile: I started with those, and ended up only having that size. Its great, despite certain leathers being a bit heavy. The 30 is very cute too for an everyday bag IMO.
  14. I've same problem with you. Can't decide which color and size. With help from our friend at purseforum, I decided to buy Birkin Togo 35 Mocca. It's neutral and beautiful. Since it'll take me sometime to buy another Birkin, I decided to buy neutral color that support my whole wardrobe. Just another thought for you.