I want a Birkin!!!!!!!!!

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  1. So I usually only buy Chanel and LV but on Friday morning I walked into the Hermes store at the mall and it was love at first sight... But sadly I was told the waitlist is closed.:crybaby:The only Birkin available was black croc with diamonds which is way over my price limit... what can I do?
  2. You can try a re-seller. Look at the reputable sellers list posted in the shopping sub-forum.
  3. Please use the treasure trove of information on this sub-forum to decide what your dream (yet attainable) Birkin would be, and start from there. The chase for that Birkin is more than half the fun. Good luck!!! I wish I'd been able to access all of the information that has been amassed here in the past year before I'd taken the plunge (after over five years of lusting for one).
  4. After hanging out on this forum for several months, I don't believe it's that long of a wait or that hard to get a Birkin. You could have one from a boutique in days if you are open to size & color and have the time to pop by a couple different boutiques to check stock.
  5. :yes: Don't lose hope with luck and a little time you will find one! Best wishes on your hunt!
  6. I completely agree. The wealth of information here certainly helped in my birkin quest - type of leather, size, colours, etc. I learnt to cultivate a good relationship with my SA and got my dream birkin within 2 months. :yes:
  7. I agree, Kellybag gave me a few pointers to go about getting my first bag since there isn't a boutique where I live, and it won't be long before an SA calls me up with one I might want!
  8. I hope something comes through for you starnova!!!^^

    Love Shopping...it is a bit of work, but you can find a birkin. If you are picky it will take longer. (trust me on that one) Good Luck and we are here to help!

    Hey, what size, color etc. are you looking for?
  9. Good luck!
  10. I am looking for a 30 in potiron togo, pretty simple right?
    BTW, I spoke with Luxwear, she told me she cold give me a $100 off the auction.
  11. Good luck!!! I hope you find your dream bag soon!
  12. Good luck on your quest!!!:yes: :yes:
    I had the same problem- but 1 very lucky day I happened to stop by the Hermes store for something else and long behold that were getting ready to put out a birkin. :yahoo: :yahoo: It definetly helps to stop by the stores on a routine basis. You never know what they might be putting out that day. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!
  13. boo hoo hoo, love shopping, i'm in the same boat. and while it's great to see everyone else get their birkins, it's v. discouraging too....:sweatdrop: :crybaby: :hysteric:
  14. Good Luck!! Birkins are bags I don't know how you CAN't LOVE but it is a very expensive addiction!!