I want a BBag....but...

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  1. there are no stores in my area that sell them so I can see what it looks like in person, hold it, feel it, select a size, color, etc. What do I do?
    I went to Neiman Marcus yesterday and asked them if they sold them because I saw on here that they do. They pulled out 3 bags from a drawer and said they can order them, but unfortunately none of the ones they had were ones that I would want!
    Im not familiar enough with the bags yet to know which one I want, so can someone suggest what I can do? Is there a good site that I can order 2-3 bags and that would have a good return policy for the ones that I dont want? I know I want one of the city, work or first bags, but Im not sure which yet and not sure which color.
    Can someone give me any advice? Thanks!
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    If you plan to order mutiple bags online and could return those you don't like, the best site I could think of is balenciaga.com

    You cannot return bags purchased from the Bal stores, but you could return them if you buy online.
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply I have been looking at photos all morning and I'm pretty sure that I want a City...probably the classic. Still unsure about color though. However, I was looking at Balenciaga.com to possibly place an order once I find a color I want, but every single bag says 'Currently Unavailable'. Am I doing something wrong or is nothing available to order right now? I just cant seem to figure out a way to order from the site.
  4. NM has an exceptional return policy and seeing that you have a store close to you, your best bet may be to have them find the bag you want at another store, describe what *exactly* you are looking for and have them send it to you. If you don't like it, then you can return it in store and start over with having them find you another bag.

    I wish you well,

  5. I just got off the phone w/ Nordstroms, and they have 2 stores that sell Bal.
    They have a great return policy, tho if you call them double-check.
  6. I have had great luck with Bal.com although their stock is limited insofar as styles and colours. I think they MUST be expecting new stock any hour now...Why they haven't had 'new' colours yet is beyond me. They are WAY late. But be assured that their return policy is very liberal and you could easily return the bags you choose not to keep, no questions asked. They ship free and give you 30 days from the day you received your bag to return. They also include a pre-paid UPS label in case you choose to return. All you need to do is email them for a Return Authorization number.