I want a Bandana? Which One? Should I? Advice PLEASE.

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  1. ok so i want a bandana I'm deciding between the Black MC like kanye west (picture below) or the monogram pulp the yellow one. I wanna wear it like kanye did. I know there was that big discussion on kanye's style but i like how he wears it. but my fren told me that she thinks its going to make me look fem. Also are the bandanas sheer bc i saw too MC ones for 170 online but one was sheer and the other wasnt. If any one has pictures of them can you please post. What does everyone think i should do. I was also considering doing both.


  2. I would go with both but if you're only going to get one first get the pulp one! I have the orange one and the colours are so rich! It might be a little sheer depending on how you hold it to the light...

    Ow, I love Kanyé too ;)
  3. thanks for the advice. I think i'm gonna go down to the store on friday or saturday and look at them in person and try it on. lol, i love the colors in the pulp and i always thought the bag was amazing. Btw do you call you SA before you go. I bought my first LV item from the store last week and had a wonderful SA, do i call or walk in and hope shes there? But i might have to decide if i like both bc i still dont have a job. No where is hiring i blame the economy. ergghh.....

  4. I absolutely agree!
  5. ok i just called and checked to see if the pulp was in stock. It is and there a good amount i was told. I dont feel as rushed now. but ugh... i wanna go check it out. but i cant today. i got homework and i got to go get gas in my car which means waiting for my dad to come home. Maybe i'll go monday after school and wear it wednesday. It would drive me year book teacher crazy bc she hates me bc shes a fashion whore. lol she got mad bc admin told her she had to put me in her class. But to the point that be. I'm still conflicted between the two i think the MC might look girly or gay (no offense) on me like my friend said. But i think i'm going to buy the pulp. THE YELLOW :drool: wow . I love yellow lol. But i think i like the MC idk i'll try them both on. I hope my SA is there.
    thanks goldfish and dream cherry.

    if theres any owners advice is wanted
  6. Kanye has an awesome sense of fashion.
  7. yeah i've liked this look for a while now too. I think i'm gonna go down today and check it out. I'm so excited gonna go change now. XDDDD
  8. I love the yellow one!
  9. No matter what they say about Kanye, he has great style.