I want a bag in this color......

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  1. So, I searched and searched and couldn't find the right color on the internet. Then I had an epiphany and started searching eye shadows, since they truly show metallic well.

    I want a bag in this color crash leather.....

    I can just see the shiny and gorgeousness of the crash leather in this picture!!!

    I loved this one too....
    I really love the depth of this green as well. Maybe I can keep hoping for something like this for the fall!!!!

    I know bali-girl said that there is a BE green coming in the works but she said it reminded her of this but deeper and richer...
  2. I don't normally like anything green, but I have to admit that the green in the 2nd picture is really nice.
  3. I love green!! I really like the Humid eyeshadow color as it seems to have olive tones with a hint of gold.
  4. I asked Jackie about a Deep teal- And she mentioned a color called PINE- more of a deep greenish blue- I cant wait for her to follow up with me on it- maybe more ladies will be interested
  5. I would love a green similar to the Bbag, only richer. I had that green Miu Miu (that I sold because of the size) and it was very neutral.
  6. Green is my favorite color, yet I've never found a green bag that's "done" it for me, KWIM? A deep greenish blue sounds gorgy!
  7. That color sounds DIVINE!!!! Keep me posted!!:nuts:

    The green you posted above would be beautiful too-in crash leather....WOW!
  8. Green crash would be fan freakin tastic!!

    I love the eyeshadow colors -- I think my ideal green crash would be somewhere in between those shades.
  9. I'd love to see what this pine color is too Gem, sounds beautiful......and emerald crash......Wowza!!
  10. I pressed Rose hard about the new green and she told me that Jackie was investigating and that there was no further information at the moment. I would not be keen on the same green as the Balenciaga bag in the third photo (Vert Thyme), as I already have one. The term Pine may also be related to a Balenciaga colour from 07 (the European term is Vert Foret) that I have and would not be keen to replicate. Something a bit brighter and between the two would be very interesting as I am a greenaholic.
  11. I would love that also! I just purchased that eyeshadow from MAC last week. Its gorgeous!
  12. The above colors are all very close to the sample I reviewed with Jackie. It's a green that does not have yellow, lime, or emerald/blue tones. Very lovely indeed. I definately want a bag in the green. I looked at the other green sample colors Jackie had and none of the others were as rich or "neutral" for a green color. I'll be back in London over the next couple of weeks and see if I could get a good picture of this leather -- I'll be bringing my professional camera with me.
  13. YEAH YEAH YEAH thanks BG! Looking forward to see your pix. Think I'm going to send Jackie these pix though and put a bug in her ear about green crash for the fall!
  14. I don't wear greens at all, but something small can be uplifting-
    thx vixnkitten for enabling us :graucho: and Bali_Girl for future pics of the green :yes:
  15. I want a green crash LM midi with 2 zippers, silver hardware, and the light grey lining!