I want 2009 LE Lilac!

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  1. Are there any left in stores? I would be interested in a Day, City, Part Time....reg or GH (not sure that it came with GH?). There are none on any sales sites. How do I find one?? Please don't say just wait! :smile:
  2. ^^^ there was a lilac day at Barneys in Dallas as of last weekend! also a first.
  3. Was it covered hardware?
  4. no, regular.
  5. Barneys/Copley (Boston) also had 2 Lilac bags (one was a First; can't remember the other).
  6. I just purchased a lilac covered city a couple of weeks ago, and at that time Barney's somewhere had a Day left ! good luck in your search :tup:
  7. there is a day listed on barneys.com its called lilas on there
  8. Thanks so much everyone!
  9. I want 2009 LE Lilac!

    lol, the title caught my eye - that's what I said too. It's totally worth it and much better in real life. Did you check out all the threads on this color? Good luck.
  10. I also saw the "Lilas" day bag at barneys.com just a few minutes ago
  11. Ahhh I think it's gone!!
  12. Yep, that one was snatched up quickly! Don't worry - you'll find one eventually!
  13. Barneys Beverly Hills has a Lilac Day, a First, and one other bag (don't remember which style though - sorry). Worth a call to them to inquire about what you want - good luck!
  14. I think NM has some lilac stock. I'm not sure which store though.