I want 05 Rouge Theatre the Day bag!!!

  1. I just got my Marine City bag about 2 weeks ago and now I want 05 Rouge Theatre the Day bag SO BAD!!!
    It seems as tough I only want past season colors and cab't stop thinking about it!! ^^
    And I also notice that once you get your first BBag, it is so much easier to pick another color and style bag!! Ouch for my bank statement...^^
    Where can I get the Rouge Theatre? Would BalNY have it? or Aloha Rag???
    Please help me or this BBag bug will kill me~~
  2. I don't think Bal NY nor AR would have this color since this is a discontinued color and it is one of most wanted red color from Bal. Try to check RDC or annsfabulousfinds.
  3. RDC = RealDealCollection.com ;o)