I wanna share with everyone!! Released only in Hawaii and Las Vegas

  1. What do you guys think?

    I love the gift box!

    With my cashmere scarf:



    Should I keep this??
    PC260016-1.JPG PC260017-1.JPG PC260018-1.JPG PC260019-1.JPG
  2. Totally cute! I like the khaki/white/lilac combo! Is it a pouch?
  3. ^ it's a pouch that can be worn as a messenger or a pochette, if u will.
  4. I think it's cute! What is the style number and price? I may have to call the boutique there and order one.
  5. So cute!! I found this and the leather one in the drilldown but didn't realize they were exclusives! Congratulations!!
  6. rensky, congrats! Its very cute! :yes:
  7. I remember it was $218..where do i find the style number?
    by the way, I asked the SAs..and said they won't be taking phone orders for this style..but you may try another SA..i don't remember the name of the one who helped me out though..
  8. where did u see this? may help others!

  9. No biggie if they don't do phone orders. We go there quite a bit or I can call a friend to pick it up. Not even sure if I "need" it or not tho.
  10. [​IMG]
    ^^ Leather version #11616


    ^^ Signature version #11638 (I posted this in lilac too in another thread days ago)
  11. u need this...this is actually one of the cutest messenger bags i've seen...i hope u get it!! :yes:

  12. I think it's so cute for the Spring! I'd probably use it as a pochette, but the messenger bag option is great for vacations where safety is an issue.
  13. VERY cute! :tup:
  14. Love it!!!!!!
  15. ^ thanks everyone!! im wondering whether to save it for spring..or use it now!