I wanna share my new 32 fuchsia kelly..

  1. I recently got back from a trip to Boston and London, and I was very upset that I didnt get to visit Hermes in Boston to check out their goodies (a birkin perhaps? I was hoping for a "miracle" like what happened to Hermesbb, ya know, some chick cancelled on her order). And so, when I got to London, I made sure I ran asap to New Bond St and visit the Hermes store, and look what was waiting in store for me..

    A 32 cm fuchsia chevre kelly..

    I also bought a damier alma when I was in London, and here she is pictured with the fuchsia kelly..

    I am so pleased with the kelly, the fuchsia color is very vibrant, and it's my new fav bag. I dunno why the kelly was just sitting there on the shelves, but I guess the bag was meant to be mine afterall..
    The thalassa blue box birkin is now having a rest for a while in the closet :lol:

    Thanks for letting me share..

  2. Congratulations! It is absolutely gorgeous! LOVE that color! Wear it in the best of health! The LV is stunning too!!! I was just so caught up in the Kelly, I just noticed the alma!
  3. GORGEOUS Kelly! I love the kelly in that color. I think it gives character and attitude to a classic style. Congrats and here's a toast to your new Kelly.
  4. BEAUTIFUL..both of them! I love the pink color...LOVE IT!!! And the Alma was on of my fav bags for ages....good for you!
  5. Beautiful bag! What a pretty color! I love pink! Congrats and thanks for the pictures!
  6. Love it! Congrats!!!!
  7. thank you girls, for letting me share.. :idea:

    I wasn't really keen with kellys before, coz I thought the style (whilst very classic and stylish), is too grown up for me. But something about the fuchsia color just attracted me so much to that bag, and so I took it. It was also my 1st experience in buying direct from Hermes, and I LOVED it! The orange box and everything.. my previous Hermes purchases were done in private, and so I always wondered what it feels like to buy from Hermes..

    Again, thanks for letting me share my new goodies..

  8. Love it and the color!!!
  9. Delicious! You and La Van are bag twins!! Congrats!!!
  10. the color is beautiful and love the chevre!
  11. Love every little thing about it! Enjoy, it is just to die for!!! True Yumminess.
  12. Congrats on both bags! They're beautiful!
  13. OH MY GOD!!! WE'RE TWINS!!!! I have exactly the same ... chevre leather and rigid. Except that I have the hippo lock instead of your heart charm

    Congrats and here's a champagne toast for you and your fuschia Kelly!

    Don't you just love the color!
  14. Beautiful! Love the chevre. Love the Kelly. Love the fuschia! OMG... it's the perfect bag!!
  15. thanks ladies..

    La Van, OMG, we have the same bags??? :idea: Don't you love the fuchsia color, it's divine, huh.. I just adore the bag so much..
    And I love the 32 cm size on the kelly, I think it's perfect, not too big, not too small.. for me at least..