I wanna see your Dior nail polish swatches!

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  1. You are killing it with ll these swatches Miss S! All are so lovely on you.

    Do you get the special bottles ll year long? We only get them at Christmas. I noticed you have Apparat in the lovely bottle while mine is the same, boring square version.
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  2. Thank you :smile:

    And no, in Denmark we only get them for Christmas as well.

    I get them on ebay and other re-sell sites. This one is from the Russian FNO 2016. Apparat was a trio with Almee and Aladin in 2013 from SAKS.
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  3. More accurate picture of Diorific Clarity

  4. Diorific Precious Rocks Liner

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  5. Milk-chocolate nails: Diorific Brun Mica

  6. Diorific Golden

  7. Dior Pied-de-Poule :amuse: IMG_0035a tpf.jpg IMG_0068a.jpg
  8. Dior Paradise which appear more orangey on the picture. So difficult to photograph this color which should appear a bit pink IRL.
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  9. Dior Aventure (again) ONE COAT + Dior Gel top coat! ** special request ** does anyone have the yellow Dior "Early" ???
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  10. I do! :smile: I love it, such a cute yellow shade... but I regret not getting also 'Sunwashed' a couple of season ago, which is a litte lighter and more pastel version of yellow :heart: (actually, I saw a tester of 'Sunwashed' just yesterday at some random shop, but in the end they didn't have it in stock.. grr, I was so disappointed :doh:).. Anyway, I've also posted some swatches of 'Early' in this thread, eg. here, if you are interested:

    +Dior 'Spring' from last week :flowers:

    Attached Files:

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  11. Thank you, both "Early" and "Spring" are right up my alley! Fantastic swatches!
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  12. Hehe, thanks! :biggrin: :flowers::flowers:
  13. Diorific Prune Vinyl

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  14. Dior - Pretty :biggrin:

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  15. Dior - Lively (at the gym :biggrin:)