I wanna see how bad Hermes fans can get!

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  1. AS of right now, there are several boxes sitting outside of a brand new Hermes store in the Tai Pei airport. Those boxes are probably filled with a couple scarves, belts, wallets, KELLY'S, and BIRKIN'S! If no one was looking, and you can get away with it, would you take one or two of those boxes?! (NOT that im thinking of doing it ;])
  2. Never

    I have to add, as questions go, this one is really:wtf:
  3. Absolutely not. Theft is theft.
  4. Never. :yucky:
  5. :nuts: Good grief, no!
  6. You know what? If I can I would stand in front of the shop until opens to make sure that nobody steals nothing, and then I'd ask to talk to the store manager. But that's just me...
  7. Wouldn't even cross my mind.
  8. If this was 100% sure, well, then, why not. :wtf: :push: :yucky: never going to happen anyways.
  9. I have more self respect than to steal something... even if it's a Birkin.
  10. honestly, i dont think it's even worth to explore any further with this topic.
  11. come to think of it, would you ReynaldOC?
  12. This question really doesn't have anything to do with Hermes.
    And no, I would never do it.
  13. I wouldn't take a newpaper from someone's doorstep, either.
  14. Never!!!!
  15. :yes:
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