I wanna get.....

  1. Hi all. I want to get a Chanel necklace for myself. I personally LOVES :heart: pearl necklace a lot but I dont think it will suits my dressing style. I'm just a normal blouse and jeans person. So, I was thinking of some easy to match necklace.. Anyone got any idea?

    And also, I dont usually look at Chanel stuffs, but I just so happen to browse on the necklaces on eBay that day. They are sooooo pretty. I know there's tons of fake Chanel necklaces out on eBay, and so, I'm not too sure how to find one :~(

    Many Thanks!
  2. Hmmm... I think Pearl Necklaces just fits with every outfit lately! They are soo in lately that you can see pearl necklaces everywhere! So I think you should go for it! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  3. You could always wear the necklace with a button down white blouse with some jeans. It would probably look really cute.
  4. I just bought this one. It's quite long and I find I wear it with everything. I was never a "pearl" person before Chanel, but there's something about the graduated pearls, with the little CCs, that I find interesting.
  5. Ohhh, these are gorgeous! :drool: I have a single strand of pearls which I love... but these are also amazing (and different enough to maybe own haha). If you don't mind my asking, how much were they? :smile: Thanks!

  6. ^^ I've blocked the price out of my mind... something like $1400 Canadian. Maybe more? :nuts:
  7. Ah there's that pretty S/S2007 necklace you were talking about in another thread. Very beautiful.:nuts:
  8. sssssssexy congrats...whered you find them?
  9. I just got the same necklace - its like $825 or $875 US
    Its stunning - its long so i also bought a shorter one to wear layered - the shorter one is a cluster of the same white and gold pearls with the gold CC all in a ball with a gold chain ($300?) - the two pieces together look cool
  10. by the way - i would definitely wear these with jeans and a casual shirt! let me know if you want the SA name for these items
  11. Hmmm, any pearl necklace to suggest? I dont really like going into the Chanel boutique over in Singapore. The SAs are ALL so terrible. Wanted to get a bag that time. I went in, walk around, took a bag up and try, started looking around and nobody seems to care.

  12. the classic white/ivory pearl necklace with pearl CC logo is stunning and great for your first one - I will try to find a photo in a thread I saw - the pearl CC logo is set in a silver or gold setting whichever you want - there is a eBay seller that sells real Chanel but she is way overpriced - if you dont want to go to a Chanel store try the ebay seller Imported Fashion House - the classic necklace is $625US in Chanel boutiques and the ebay seller wants $845 to $875 - she will not budge or take an offer - if you want my Chanel SA in Chicago let me know - very nice and I think she will ship overseas
  13. here is a photo of the classic pearls and the PF who posted this says she is wearing a plain black t-shirt so these will be perfect dressed up or very casual


  14. can you post a pic of the shorter one :biggrin:
  15. I will post a photo of the shorter one as soon as I can find the charger to my camera!