I wanna get this LV bag...

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  1. The TPF girls say it's authentic from the pictures, however, the seller only accepts bank transfer and no paypal. This is her first ever sale and has 51, 100% feedback.
    What do you reckon? Risky? I dont have a credit card so not sure that I can claim it back?
  2. bank transfers are no hassle, you'll just need her details, you can phone your bank and ask what info you need from her
  3. of course you don't have the protection though, esp if you're not using a credit card
  4. I wouldn't buy anything on eBay without the protection of my credit card. I don't trust eBay or paypal to get my money back if something goes wrong.
  5. I wouldn't do it:nogood:
  6. Thanks girls, I thought it was a bit risky, seeings shes sold this bag twice now :S
  7. I wouldnt do it... not worth the chance.
    If you can afford to loose the money go for it, if you cant then dont buy the bag.
  8. wasn't meant to be then, maybe thats why she won't accept paypal on it, so the buyer has no recourse
  9. Don't do bank transfer..best by credit card! i once bought a fishing rod for my dads birthday on eBay and it was by cheque as the guy didn't have a paypal! His feedback was good but didn't have a history of selling but i never thought too much of it! basically i never got my item..the bank can't do anything so i file a report with ebay! In the end i got some money back from ebay but not enough..i got the maximum which was £120 and i paid like £300 for the fishing rod! After this i never buy anything on ebay where they don't accept paypal! at least you know if you pay by credit card you will have your card company on your side!
  10. dont trust it. tell her to use paypal and if she is worried on fees then add the 2.9% for her so she wont lose anything