I wanna get some CL's but I need help


Feb 4, 2007
So I have a ton of designer shoes and in fact I just bought 2 pair of prada flats for the spring this week... LOL

I however don't have any CL's and while I normally wear a 38-38.5 in prada and gucci as well as manolo and dolce I understand that some CL's vary... I'm only saying this because I know the sizes can vary widely

Can you recommend some staple CL's to me?

I hear a lot about the simple pump but I am unsure of what size I would be and I never seem to see them in the store...

I know I want some black leather a round toe and pointy toe. I also would like a red, green, brown, and some metallics ... oh and I must have a leopard pair!!!

I recently found out that patent is timeless so I guess bring those on too:yahoo:

So can you help a CL newbie get some staples in her wardrobe? Also suggest what size you think I may need just in case I have to order over the phone!!!



May 31, 2007
The simple pumps run very very true to size. I am a size 7 and the CL 37s fit me like a glove. I can't say anything for the other styles but I do know that sizing varies.

I can't wait to see whatever CLs you decide to buy! I have a pair of simple pumps and I love them. I spent an entire day crying after the cobbler butchered them. I have never cried over a material object before but I am seriously in love with these shoes! CLs make me feel so sexy. I can't explain it. I feel more confident, prettier and stylish.

If you're looking to invest in a classic pair of pumps that you can wear anywhere the simple pumps are perfect.

Hope that helps!