I wanna get one in this style , but...

  1. anyone pleaz?
  2. What colors are you Bbags, muzi? Is this color something that you want to match your collection, or did you want a color that could spruce it up?
  3. i donno what colors else it comes with Compagnon.
    my b-bag is a calcaire city.

    i think the one shown in the link is too dark for me. i want something lighter then caramel.
  4. how about a rouge wallet? i think it would be amazing
  5. Rouge is great !!!

    So easy to find ;) in the black bbag inside ;)
  6. Yeah I agree go bright and bold its a great way to add a splash of colour to your bag without having a bright bag and it is easier to find!!!!!
  7. i like this idea~~

    but i have been using a red chanel wallet for a while, so may be another color ?
  8. Pink, i'd love to have a marigold yellow
  9. And what about MAGENTA ????????????
  10. I am not very fond of the color i think it will be harder to match it with anything.