I wanna get a Chloe Paddington BAG..but where?

  1. Is there a reputable online site that sells legitimate Chloe bags. I live down under (Australia) and it seems like there is only one department store that sells it and half the time it’s sold out. Sadly, I am moving on from LV, and Chloe is a great choice to move on. Do you think so? I am cheating on Louis?
  2. Whereabouts in Aus are you? I'm in Vic! Anyway, it's not only DJs that stock Paddys. Cactus Jam, Miss Louise, and Elle Boutique (Perth) also have them. Cactus Jam just got in a new shipment a few weeks ago. They had taupe, blanc and gold in the regular Paddys as well as a chocolate in the shopper tote.

    Internationally, www.Luisaviaroma.com in Italy has them, as well as www.Net-A-Porter.com in the UK. www.aloharag.com (US) also has them. These are some of the online places. I think Neiman Marcus will ship to you if you phone order it. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for that. Im in Sydney! :sad: and yes Iam talking bout DJs. I will check out those site that you gave me.
  4. Hey, Cactus Jam International will ship to you! Their regular Paddys are $2199AU so it's a lot cheaper than DJs. There's a Miss Louise in Syd too, if I'm not mistaken. If not the Melb one can ship to you also. But they are quite a bit more expensive, so I'd only recommend as a last resort.

    Give CJ a try first anyway. (03) 96541087 - this is the CJ International store in QV, Melbourne. Ask for Alex. She's very helpful. If not the other girls there are not bad either. One speaks with a heavy French accent and is a little hard to understand though, lol.

    The CJ Hawthorn store also stocks Paddys - (03) 98190348.