I wanna get a Bal Work! Help me out!

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  1. I just joined TPF today. really nice to meet you guys here! :biggrin:
    I wanna get a Bal Work for school, but i cant decide which color i should get!! I want a color that is perfect all year long. I'm thinking about anthracite and outremer. What do you guys think???!!!!
    Choosing the perfect color is always a problem when it comes to the Bbag. :P Help me out here!!!!

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  2. I love Outremer but Anthra is a gorgeous color that can be worn all year round and with almost all colors. While Outremer has more pop, you'll get more use out of the Anthra which is a nice alternative to black or brown.

  3. Anthra
  4. Anthra is not only stunning but also a colour that I think you will get much more use of.
  5. I agree, Anthra is more versatile. I have an Outremer Velo and I love the color, but unfortunately it does not go with all colors. But Anthra does:smile:
  6. Anthra!!
  7. definitely anthra
  8. Anthra, would like the anthra also but they're out of stock. Got the petrol color though, love it to death.
  9. The petrol colour - Canard? You should do a reveal; I know lots of people here are waiting to see this colour.
  10. Yeah,petrol/canard. Pix will follow
  11. Sorry, just realize it's evening right now here in Europe, the color will not come beutifully. I will send pix next time.
  12. I would say Anthra ... would be a great colour for all year.
  13. outreaer is astunner but anthra is devine too:biggrin: but IMO anthra is easier to take care of. . . you don't have to be scared of rain and dirt that much like wich a bright color
  14. I concur!

    If you can only get one, I would choose the Anthra. It's a versatile color, matches with (almost) everything, and is very low-maintenance.

    Also, I think if you will be using the Work for school and loading it up with books, laptop, etc., Anthra will look better "broken in" than Outremer. That is just my opinion, but I think that stretching/distressing that occurs over time will look nicer on the neutral Anthra than a bold "pop" color like Outremer. Of course, no one has had Outremer long enough to see the results, so that is just a guess.

    Either way, enjoy your Work every day!!! :flowers:
  15. I'm in the minority but Outremer gets my vote!!