I wanna earn points! :)

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  1. I am thinking about opening up an account at my local Nordstroms. I would like to take advantage of earning points instead of, well, not when I shop at the full price boutiques lol!
    I have heard here and there about Nordstrom's sometimes accepting the PCEs that we get? Is this consistent or on a store-by-store basis?
    What about Bloomingdales? Do they ever accept the PCEs?
    What about Macy's?
  2. The Nordstrom stores by me will accept specific coupons/offers like a coupon for $100 off a $300 purchase. But not a regular PCE because it's too general I guess. ?
    They will price match, but it has to be an identical bag, color, size, etc and they will call the store to see if they have it in stock, if not, no go.

    The points build up pretty slowly, but since I've always loved and shopped the Nordstrom stores, it's a nice perk.