I wanna dive into the world of Marc Jacobs!

  1. I'm looking at this board for some time now, drooling over your gorgeous pics and I think now it's time for my first Marc Jacobs handbag!
    I'm doubting between a baby Stam and the Kid.
    But I have two questions:
    - How different are the baby Stam & the Kid? Is it just the handles?
    - I read on another board that you can hardly put anything in a baby Stam. True? And is this different for the Kid?

  2. I think the Kid is a bit larger than the baby stam. A few members have them here and are happy with the size.

    The baby stam is a bit on the smaller side, but it's still surprisingly large. You can't fit a zip clutch in it, but probably a trifold wallet will.