I wanna cry ...

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  1. My friend helped my to buy a Abbey, but she got me the wrong color, and now its already past 14 days.. I cant exchange it.. GOsh im stuck with a bag that i dont like and im out of 800$.... I wanna cry...... I hate to re-sell my bag but look like i have no choice.... And i still have to act normal in front of my friend. She helped me to buy it, i cant be angry at her :sad:
  2. Even if its past 14 days couldn't you exchange it in the store for the one you want? Here's the policy from Gucci: Did you get a bag that was on sale? If it was normal price you should be fine to exchange it.

    Gucci wants to ensure your complete satisfaction. For Gucci online purchases, we will accept merchandise in its original condition for a full refund or exchange when accompanied by the original sales slip. We will not accept merchandise that has been worn, used, altered or damaged. Refunds may only be issued in the same form as payment. Full-priced merchandise must be returned within 30 days from date of delivery; however, sale merchandise must be returned within 15 days of delivery. Online purchases may not be returned or exchanged at our outlet stores. Shipping costs are non-refundable. Please note that a different return policy may be applicable for in-store purchases.
  3. Well, here is my situation :crybaby:Im from Vietnam, there is no Gucci store here, my friend helped me to buy from Singapore.... Now i cant exchange or do anything about it.. I now either put it up on Ebay or try to sell to someone else in VN. But i hate doing it..
    But thanks for your information.. :heart:
  4. That's really disappointing...your friend was sweet to help you out, but it sucks that she got the wrong colour. I'm sure you can get most of your money back since the bag's brand new...good luck selling it!!! It's a great bag in any colour!!!
  5. I'm sorry to hear about that! Perhaps you can try contacting Gucci thru their website and ask if you can send the bag back for credit, assuming it was purchased at their boutique. Maybe they'll work something out for you. Good Luck!
  6. Yessssssssssss, it was purchased at their boutique in Singapore.. Maybe i can try that.. THAnks heaps.. Im very desperate now :sad:
  7. Call the Singapore store and ask if you can send it back directly to them. Otherwise, ask for a corporate number, or go to Gucci Group and use the contact info there.

    BTW, sorry to be off topic, but I'm visiting Vietnam in a few weeks... are there enough Visa and ATMs available, or do I need to bring cash with me? My parents said there are none??
  8. Thanks.. I will do that but dont know if they will agree to it, first its already past 14 days, secondly they have to inspect the bag, thirdly will they agree to send a credit note overseas.. Has anyone every tried this? But as i said, im desperate enough.. Will try everything now.. :sad: . Thanks for your advice..
    About Vietnam, if you are in big cities like HCM or HN, you wont have any problem finding an ATM,they are everywhere, but not in the country side or suburbs.
  9. I just called the Singapore store and they agreed to exchange for me.. They were greatttttttttttttttttttttttt on the fone.. Im so relieved now, now only have to find a friend who is going to Sing soon or book a ticket to Sing.. It will cost me 150$ to go there but better than to lose 800$ or go through the process of selling the bag.......................
  10. So they won't let you mail/ship it back to them? It would be so much easier that way! And if it's an exchange, I don't see why they can't ship it back to you, if you pay for the shipping, etc... would there be a problem with customs?
  11. Update, turned out i called the wrong store :sad:. There are 2 Gucci stores in Sing.. So i called again, the other store was not so helpful, They said since its already past 14 days, they cant help me, then i had to explain my situation....:crybaby:they sounded a bit more sympathetic, asked me to bring the bag in for inspection and see what they could do, but they wont promise anything.. So now, all fingers and toes crossed...........

    Thithi: since Sing is so close to Vietnam, i think it would be easier to bring it in myself than handle all the shipping back and forth and all the calls in betweem to make sure everything is ok :sad:.
  12. OK, good luck with your bag... I'm really hoping you get the color that you wanted... btw, which color is it??
  13. Thanks :smile:
    This is what i want
    When i have time i will take pics of the wrong one i got now, its brown....... i would say its a very ugly brown...

    Attached Files:

  14. aww.... that's funny bc I sort of like the dark brown one... the lighter one is pretty too! I really like the abbey, in any color.

    another question, is it safe for me to bring designer bags, or will that scream tourist? I'm sure ppl are going to know I'm a tourist despite it. Do you think I'll be at more risk of getting ripped off by merchants if they see my bag?
  15. Oh really :P i hateeeeeeeee that brown, kaka if you like it, i can save it for you till you come to Vietnam :yahoo: kidding....
    Just bring whatever you like, the people at the market wont know what designer bag looks like anyway.. Unless those sell fake ones :smile:. And yes, they can tell if you are tourist from miles away regardless what you wear... So yeah, wear whatever you want.....But if you plan to travel to the country side or walk on the street a lot, just bring something that you can just throw around........ its easy to get your bag dirty here...
    And about getting ripped offed, even the locals like me get it all the times...:hysteric: So just bring a friend or relative with you when going shopping..