I wanna buy a REAL Chloe Paddington!

  1. Hi there!

    I'm new to this site, and am very excited to be here *waves Hi to everyone* Anyhoo...I finally saved enough $$ to buy a Chloe Paddington, but it looks like theres a lot of fakes out there....if anyone can let me know where to get a good deal I'd deeply appreciate it! Like many of you, I don't want to pay retail and I love a good bargain...I just don't know where to find the bargains...please help! Thanks in advance!
  2. Look on sites (that means eBay); copy the thread and ask the knowledgeable ladies on Authenticate This Chloe (i.e. mostly Lescoy) to verify it's "realness". That's the best advice I can give you?
  3. Do you know which style and color you are looking for? Nordstrom marked down their medium patent leather paddington satchels 40% off. I don't know if there are any available but worth checking out.
  4. ^Agreed. Look on eBay- very often there are great deals! But absolutely have it authenticated here first.
  5. what colours are you after?
  6. Please look at Nordstrom...they have been having a great sale...it would be best to wait for a sale( like I am doing) because you really can find a deal...Good luck!!!
  7. I found a black leather paddington satchel at Nordstroms in December for 40% off. They had a red too, but I could only get one! If you keep your eyes open, you can definitely find a great deal. Good luck!
  8. aloharag. Go to the sale section.