I walked out with NADA

  1. Ok, so my family and I went to Valley Fair today because I was craving some CPK. Since there was a 20 minute wait, I told DH that I wanted to check on the heart purse at LV that I waitlisted for. Walked in and was greeted right away by 2 SA's :amuse: by name. I love it when they remember you:p . Anyways, they told me that none came in. Bummer. So I asked about the Fuschia speedy. One of the SA's grabbed me 3 to look at. Then my regular SA came and asked if I'd seen the green. I then asked if she could grab me that one as well. Ok, loved them both and asked if they could hold it for me until tomorrow since DH was waiting. While at dinner, DH said I could go get it after we ate:yahoo:. Back to LV we go. I saw my SA and told her I decided to get them now but asked if they had any mono rivet bags available. I figure it was LE and if they had one, I would get it instead. It would be fate. But then again, the fuschia and green speedies are also LE. So she checks the system and asks around because it shows there are 2. OMG, hope. So they tell her they're on hold. A manager says that they tried contacting one all day today. The other has been on hold for a week for someone else. My SA brings me one of them. OMG, I fell in love:love: . She told me that if the customer doesn't pick it up by close tonight, it's mine. She went on to tell me that the other bag shouldn't be held for that long and that it wasn't right. She said that by then, another shipment will come in and they could hold it for her then. So she goes to speak to the managers. She comes back to me 10 minutes later really annoyed. I guess one manager tells her to sell it and the other says that they can't because the customer they're holding the bag for is important. WTF:cursing: . Who the hell is she? Jessica Simpson? No, Posh Spice maybe. Anyways, I told her to continue holding the speedies for me until tomorrow. Hopefully the other customer didn't come by to pick it up since she'll hold that for me if she doesn't. So I hope that tomorrow will be a better day and that I'll walk out with my rivet. Ok, sorry so long guys. Phew, I'm done.
  2. oh i am sorry to hear that, it's very unusual for SA to hold a bag for a week especially it's LE. You should've told ur SA to hold the two speedies for a week and wait for the rivet to come too! jk, but i hope you get to see all 3 before you make a purchase, good luck!
  3. I'm sorry! I hope you end up getting your bag!
  4. Gawd, me too. I can't stop thinking about it now. And I vow never to buy anything from eBay again!!!
  5. Wow --- I hope you get your Rivet bag!! That is so unusual that they have held the bag for an entire week. Perhaps your day will be a good one tomorrow!! Keep us posted!
  6. I hope you get the mono rivet. Good Luck:flowers:
  7. Good luck!

    Now I'm super hungry for CPK, too... thanks a lot! ; )
  8. OMG, I go there for the Woldorff salad and I ask them to put it on a Tricalore pizza crust undercooked. It's soooo good:drool: . You gotta try it if you haven't already. Sorry if I made you more hungry.
  9. good luck! i hope you get your mono rivet tomorrow.
  10. Hehe yday I ate at CPK (had the BBQ chop) then went to LV and walked out with my Denim Baggy! :p

    Hope you get your rivete!
  11. :push: <---Squeezing my eyes really tight hoping you get therivet tomorrow!!!
  12. You are such an evil person! ROFL :drool:
  13. Haaa hAaaa:devil:
  14. I wish I could spend like you! Didn't you get a bunch of stuff for Valentine?? I am so envious!! I am sure you will get those bags soon! Congrats!
  15. OOH! I really hope you get the rivet tom!! it's SO cute.. but then again... do is the green speedy!!!