I walk out of my shoes

  1. I did a search and I found bits of information here and there about tricks for keeping shoes on your feet but nothing definite. I have very small ankles so I end up stepping out of my shoes when I walk unless I scrunch my feet to keep them on, even when shoes are so tight it hurts, my feet still slip out due to my small ankles. I have the same problem with slingbacks as well, they just wont stay on my feet even if they are super tight. I tried gel heel grips, those didn't work. I tried the gel inserts that go on the ball of your foot, those just made the toe box too tight and didn't help with my heels slipping out of the shoes. I've heard about trying double sided tape, some say it works and others say it just gets really messy and sticky and ruins the shoes? I wouldn't want to put that on my shoes if it ruins them. Is there anything else I can possibly try? At the moment what I am doing is only wearing them for short amounts of time with ribbon wrapped tightly around so they stay secure to my foot but that prevents me from wearing skirts/dresses/skinny jeans or wear Louboutins with a strap or a bootie style. Is there a certain type of heel grip that is extra grippy and has a rough texture or something sticky I could use that would not ruin the shoe? It makes me so upset sometimes :sad:
  2. I have the same problem with pumps and slingbacks. I swear by double-sided "Hollywood tape". Stick some tape on the inside heel of the pump - the heel will not budge!

    I have been using this for years and there is no sticky residue or discoloration from the tape. It works for me.
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    Ok so the tape definitely works? I should try the hollywood tape and not just regular double sided? I want to make sure I get the best tape so my shoes don't get ruined :biggrin: Do you have to use a new strip of tape with each wear? Does it peel off ok?

    Nico - I completely missed that post! Thanks for bringing that up. They definitely work? I think the suede ones would never work for me either as they are slippery/smooth grips. What are these ones actually made of? Just foam? Are they really grippy?

    I'm so glad I am not alone. I thought not many people would have this issue.
  4. The gel grips don't work for all of my shoes... I sometimes STILL walk out of my Decolletes, but they're also half a size too big. They worked like a charm for my Petit Rats though.

    Are the shoes you're referring to the Altadama 100's that were too big for you or most of your shoes in general?
  5. Well I don't have any CLs :sad: :sad:, but I've tried those gel heel things in at least 30 pairs of shoes and they have NEVER worked!
  6. Indypup - Every shoe that's a pump style with no strap for security, Ron Rons, Decolletes, Declic etc. It's my new Declic 90 that I am trying to get to work. I got a 39 and it was so tight, really really small and my foot was crammed into it but my heel would still fall out with each step. My ankles are just too small so it makes no difference if the shoe is too big or small either. It's such a hassle and it annoys me so much. I think I will give the hollywood tape a try, that sounds like it would work for me as it will literally stick my foot to the shoe and I will have no escape then.
  7. LOL at the last sentence! Give the double sided tape a try, especially for the Declics. You probably don't want any extra bulk in the back of them anyway! I don't think it can hurt, especially since the gel heel grips aren't working.

    You aren't alone in this! Something out there will work, I know it!
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    Thanks :biggrin: I can't seem to find them online here in the UK so I am going for some on *bay. I really hope they work out. I think I will pull my hair out if it fails lol! :pout:

    Edit - I did find them online at breasttalk.co.uk lol so I have got them. I'm just awaiting the arrival of my 2 new Declics :biggrin:
  9. you're not alone lornalou, i have this annoying problem as well! good to know about the double sided tape... i'll have to look into it
  10. Really? I didn't think you would as you have such a beautiful collection and always post your outfit photos when you are out. How do you manage to keep them on your feet when you walk?
  11. well i have foot petals heel grips on all my shoes, and they solve the problem about 90% of the time... they still slip occasionally but i have become really good at constantly sliding my foot back in the shoe when walking... for the looser shoes, i put a ball of foot pad and a thicker heel grip (the CVS/store brand recommended in the CL survival kit)... nothing is yet perfect with 0% heel slippage though. sigh.
  12. Yes, I use Hollywood tape. I use one strip for each shoe per wear. To remove, gently roll it off. If you pull your foot in and out of your shoes with the tape in it, you might have to remove the old tape and reapply. As in any tape, if the foot pulls away from the tape, the strength of the stickiness diminishes. I keep extra tape in my purse in case I want to remove my shoes and put them back on. HTH!
  13. That really does help! THANK YOU :yahoo:I just ordered the hollywood fashion tape in the tin, 32 strips or 36, I don't remember the exact number but that should last me a long time and I can carry the little tin with me :biggrin: It sounds like it's going to work perfectly and not damage my shoes. I can't thank you ladies enough!
  14. I'm glad you posted this as I have the same problem! I thought maybe it was just that the 120s were too high for me, or that I was buying the wrong size. I have never, ever been able to keep a slingback strap on my feet. I put the footpetals pads in the tops of the front part of my VPs so they keep my toes from sliding forward, which I thought was the problem. I wore them out on NYE and even though my toes were somewhat squished, my heels still came out when I walked! I was considering additional grips in the heels themselves, but was afraid of making them even more uncomfortable. I have fashion tape, so think I'll try that first. Maybe I'll even be able to take out the pads in front!