I Waited All Day For My Louie...

  1. DHL is by far the worst shipping experience I have ever had. After waiting all day for a package (and calling to confirm numerous times that my package was on the truck), DHL finally told me my package was being held for pick-up. (Even though the website had said it was with the delivery courier all day until 7pm, when that line "magically" disappeared and was replaced with "awaiting pick up.") After calling customer service, I was told there was someone at the local facility. I offered to pick it up that night since I live a mere 5 miles away, but the DHL employee would not stay the 5 minutes to make a customer satisfied. I am in awe as how DHL promotes themselves as a reliable carrier when this is so clearly not the case. I will never use DHL for my shipping needs again, and will advise others to do the same. Please warn others!

    Hopefully, I will get my Louie package tomorrow...

    I am so sad...I was anticipating it all day.:sad:
  2. awww i'm sorry about your experience, but i'm sure u'll get your Louie soon! I'm not sure where's DHL, but if order from the 866 # i got my order the next day delivered right to your door, but you just have to be there to sign it.
  3. Oh! Sad, sad, sad! I hope you get it tomorrow. . . and post pics!
  4. What a bummer. I do hope you get it tomorrow!
  5. ugh..i hate it when that happens, when you can't do anything but wait for the package to arrive! I hope you receive it tomorrow!! good luck!
  6. Congrats! What did ya get? :nuts:

    DHL is indeed the worst delivery service, IMHO.
  7. A manhattan pm
  8. Hope you get your things alright. I've had bad experiences with DHL too all around. I also used to have bad experiences with getting UPS when I lived at a certain location, but thank goodness I have not had problems since I've lived where I do now the last several years.
  9. i hate it when you are waiting for something you've been waiting for never seems to show up when you're at home waiting for it
  10. Not as bad as USPS :yucky: UPS is far and away my fave carrier.
  11. oh my gosh i totally sympathize! i absolutely hate having to stay home all day to wait for a package, not knowing when the heck it was gonna come. it's just so much worse when you've actually put in the time to wait, but the package doesn't show up, and the carrier is unwilling to accommodate you. i don't know how many times your exact story has happened to me with DHL.....they really suck!!!! UPS rocks for sure in comparison! so sorry it happened to you.....
  12. I can sympathize; I am awaiting an elux package. It should be here tomorrow. I called to have the package held and was told that there has to be a delivery attempt made before I can request a hold. Ok, I am trying to save you the trouble of putting it on the truck and making a delivery. This is FED EX Home Delivery and they always try to deliver at my work place before it opens. ARGH!!!! What a bunch of hooey!
  13. :push: I hope you get it tom!!! Can't wait to see what you got!
  14. Oh great...I just ordered something from Nordstrom, and they're using DHL! It better arrive on time!

    Sorry that happened to you. Hopefully you'll get it tomorrow.:heart:
  15. sorry to hear.. hopefully you get it first thing tomorrow :smile: