I waas so excited

  1. when i won this wallet for $100 on eBay last week well i just got it and it a fake, check out the pic and the stiching details
  2. Wow, so sorry to hear that! It's so hard to tell now with all the "7-star fakes"

    If you zoom in on the one on the Coach website, it indeed does not have stitching on the fabric. Hope you can get your money back!
  3. Hmm wow. Is anyone else's like this?

    Are you talking about the white stiching on the tattersall print?
  4. It's for this very reason that I don't buy alot of stuff on eBay.
    I have to be pretty sure it is the real deal.
  5. that sucks, I loved this wallet too. hope you won't have any problems getting your money back!
  6. Here go another pic, i will never buy from a buyer with 0 feedback again
  7. wow, sorry to hear that, i remember you posting a thread on this... i love this wallet... i was thinking that it might be fake when i searched it on ebay because there was a lot of the the same wallets going for the same price, but the pics look real... :confused1: I hope you get your money back for sure!
  8. there is stiching on one side and there is none on the other
  9. No stitching on the back?
  10. Well i know mine isnt real, the sticthing is not straight and one side has stitching and the next doesnt. I know the quality of Coach product
  11. Hmm.... so strange that some have stitching and others don't. Even drilldown shows it as no stitching on the Tattersall, though:

  12. Thank you
  13. There's is like that too: