I vowed never to buy another eBay handbag, but I did

  1. I was watching a beautiful almost new black Ferragamo with goldtone hardware and the auction was nearing the end. It was way too much money to lose if said item was fake but half off if authentic. And the saga begins.

    The leather looked thick, rich and luscious, the zipper pull intricately read Ferragamo and the sleeper was included! (I must have a sleeper for every bag but that's a different thread)

    I read and reread the measurements, had the seller take additional pics with said item on shoulder, in hand and balanced in the crook of the forearm. Perfect fit I thought, just as I placed a bid. I had a few doubts but I clicked confirm anyway.

    Wait a minute, I vowed never to do this again. Figured I was lucky with the first purchase so why tempt fate? OK, there's still time for me to get outbid. My bids always attract snipers so I'll go to bed and when I rise...this beauty will belong to someone else.

    WTF, what happened to the snipers? I reread my email and looked at the pics again. This is too small for all of my stuff. I don't carry my LV MC Papillion 30 b/c it's too small! Why would I have two bags which serve no purpose? Sure, I like to take them out, sit them on my bed and admire them, but really, I get the most pleasure from actually carrying them!

    Ok, calm down, breathe, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. That's better, it's not the end of the world. Pay for bag and if it's a fake or unsuitable for use...let's cross that bridge when we get there.

    Dark cloud looms for a couple of days when I receive an item that I won on Thursday. OMG, I "won" said handbag on Wednesday, where is it? Now that I think about it, I haven't heard from seller since I clicked "pay now."

    Before I paid, we chatted constantly. I was going to add her to my IM buddy list! Breathe, inhale, exhale.
    Should I email her and inquire about said bag? Nope, play it cool and wait it out, well, at least ten days.

    And really, the Ferragamo insignia is kind of blurry. Am I sure this bag is authentic? I go to NM website and look at two bags for comparison. I have a virtual chat with a ? whose expertise is being able to tell me what the measurements are. The same measurements that I'm looking at while chatting with ?

    It's Monday and home on lunch break (to check mail) and I've got auctions won on Saturday. After standing on toes and reaching way down in mailbox, I touch some weird stuff at the bottom but I feel a tiny slip of paper..."Parcel will be available for p/u at post office after 9am tomorrow" it read.

    Tomorrow! I can't wait that long! I get in car and drive slowly up and down neighboring streets til I find what I'm after. I think this is the mail carrier but where's the funny ice cream truck looking vehicle? When did they start driving minivans? Anyway, I waved the orangey pink looking notice at him and asked, "Did you leave this for me?" He didn't but he did direct me to the post office.

    After waiting in line for ages, I saw another orange thing, but this one was hanging on a wall and instructed me to "take a number." "Is there any possible way I can get this today I pleaded?" I had waited in line long enough to concoct a story or two if needed. A body organ maybe?

    "The carrier is due in the office by four and we don't close til five so come back about four thirty" I was told. I'm an emotional wreck and can't possibly do any more work so I go home. I logged into eBay and did another Ferragamo search and I couldn't believe what I saw. A bigger black bag with goldtone hardware for half the price of this thing that I'm waiting on. This one isn't
    even almost new and it has "slightly worn edges." I cry over spilled milk and seriously ponder " bid now."

    Back at the post office, camera phone in hand, I take up space at the only island in the place. I remember to save the original packaging materials and I figure if I take pics while in the post office, opening the unknown, I'll have a better outcome with my claim. I haven't figured out exactly what I'm going to claim, but I know I'm not going down without a fight.

    I carefully open one end of the box, it's too light feeling I think. Making sure to take lots of pics, I stick my hand in the box and feel softness. I gently slide the softness onto the island and dangit, it's hidden in the sleeper. I close one eye and open the sleeper and peek inside...

    It's a beautiful, rich, lush, black Ferragamo with goldtone hardware!
  2. LOL that's such a great story u got...

    so, are u loving it or still bid on the larger one? :p
  3. hahaha,

    i love this story.

    I actually had a similar situation where I bought a fake boogie, got my money back and bought a real one for it (though second hand - and some use). when I got it from the post office I just ripped the parcel apart... no gentle moves whatsoever! but I already had a good feeling about this one, and yes, it was authentic.

    congrats on your positive eBay experience!!!
  4. LOL, good story, i'm sure we all know the anxiety you went through second guessing yourself until you have it in your hands!
  5. ToniJ, you are an AMAZING storyteller! I loved every second of it. So tell us what are you feeling right now about your beautiful bag?
  6. I really enjoyed your story.... and I am so happy for you and the positive outcome. Congrats!
  7. Brilliant! :smile:
  8. very interesting, congrats on your bag!!
  9. congratz!! wonderful story. so did u bid on the bigger one in the end?
  10. Congrats! I love your story.....please post pics soon!
  11. wonderful ending...pics please!i can really relate to that!
  12. Haha that was a brillaint story.. i was looking for pics though at the end...

    Pls post.
  13. Hi everyone! I'ts good to know that I'm not alone in my handbag pursuits. I missed out on the bigger bag but I know that one day soon, I'll hit that search button and let the games begin!

    I love my new bag and my daughter wants one now! Here's a pic and sorry for the poor quality. Btw, I'm glad that you all enjoyed my story!
    Tell me what you think of my bag.
  14. loved :heart: your story- and your bag- Congratulations
  15. Great story..Fab bag..