i visited saks today...

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  1. Always a gorgeous choice, you can never go wrong with a classic! Congrats and enjoy!
  2. She's beautiful! Congrats!
  3. congrats, great choices.
  4. congrats, jumbo is a great classic
  5. Congratulations!!!!
  6. good pick :yes:
    those two are great iconic choices
  7. Great choice, congrats.
  8. Smart choice. I, on the other hand, got the black jumbo flap first, then GST 2 months later. Although I use the GST more, I love them the same.
  9. Great choice, its such a classic! I love both of your bags!
  10. classic!
  11. Lovely.... both purses. You have classic taste like I do and it is so nice of you to give the gift certificate to your mom.
  12. good choice :tup:
  13. Congrats!! Great choices!!
  14. Congratulations! You can never go wrong with classics.
  15. You can never go wrong with a flap! Congrats :smile: