I ve PIC New color Minilin Diaper bag.

  1. Has pink in speedy but no baby blue..
    SA told me :love:
  2. too small
  3. That´s a baby bag? How cute!!
  4. The bag is too small:confused1:
  5. WOW!
    ...Nothing in camel? (I LOVE camel)
  6. click the Photo ... will see bigger size
  7. Yes of course, that´s how they always work:yes: . I thought you meant the bag´s size. Any info on price, when it will come out?
  8. I wish it wasn't so baby looking....that sounds odd....I like baby bags that are more hp loooking, like coach's.
  9. come to LV Olso,, 1 Feb

    i like pink speedy,,, it is cute..
  10. I know what you mean:yes:
  11. I also love PINK!...ohhhhh PINK Speedy would be very CUTE!
    Thanks so much, Mariangelwalk!
  12. nice color
  13. It comes in brown too
  14. Where were these things when my babies were babies??!! I would have to agree though...they look too much like diaper bags to me. I would rather a chic tote or something.
  15. It's also over $1800!