I"ve Been Paddyfied

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  1. after several seasons of thinking the bag with the big lock that was sort of making fun of the birkin was silly... you guys totally turned me around. after listening to all of you and seeing the photos, and espcially socal's phd worthy study of all things chloe -- i broke down today and bought a whiskey paddy tote! and i confess i love it...i've been petting it...thank you all for converting me.
    it could be a problem as i live four blocks from a chloe shop.
    no photo as a) i haven't figred it outn how yet
    b) you all know what it looks like
  2. Ahahah!!! Resistance is futile;) Congrats on your new baby! And no, not excepting those excuses, we still want pics, lol! Actually, with all the different names and so on for the same items, not 100% which the "tote" is. Is that the one with the flat pocket on the front? Not the "pocket" bag with the buckled pocket but the flat er.. compartment in the front. See what I mean?? Show us pics:smile:))
  3. congratulations!!!!!
  4. Congrats!!
  5. i would show you pics if i could figure out how to do it...vlad even sent me a link and i still can't do it. i can upload but it says my images are too big for url or some such thing - HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. also, yes it is the one with the flat pocket in the front and it's flat and totey looking not the roundish, buckley one.
  7. Oh ok, thanks, lol! Yeah, I figured that might have been the one but just wasn't sure:smile:) I really like that style. Was ogling it on LVR but it's just a bit big for my needs at the moment. Gorgeous Paddy though!!! Great choice!

    Wrt your images.. are they in bitmap format? Coz if they are then they'll be too large a file to post. If you could convert to jpg format, they'll be smaller and you can attach them no problems usually:smile:
  8. they are jpg...im a mac person and use iphoto and i think it has something to do with that
  9. I use Mac and iPhoto...you have to move the pic (just drag and drop) to your desktop, then you can select it for uploading. That always works for me, but it never lets me select directly from iPhoto.
  10. Congrats! I am happy to support you! :biggrin:

    I should probably try to stay off PF for a while... :shame:
  11. i export the photos into jpg files -- where they end up on my desktop. i don't however drag and drop. not sure what is the difference. i am determined to master this. for some reason it was able to take the photo for my avatar...
  12. Congrats on your new purchase and joining the paddy club! ;)
  13. congrats! i have a choco paddy and love it. i have the whiskey on the way. can't wait!!!
  14. That's totally awesome, I love the whiskey colour and it will definitely wear well with time.
  15. Haha! Congrats on your new bag! Good luck in resistance from other Chloe bags!