I Valentino . Presenting my triplets

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  1. image-121589598.jpg


  2. Wow! All so gorgeous!
  3. Unreal!!!!! I was thinking I was still dreaming! Gorgeous!!!
  4. Beautiful colors!!
  5. Oh my!
    Those are very classy!

    Being sling-backs, do they stay on your feet pretty well? I never find pumps that stay on, but sling-backs seem to work. Are they fairly comfy?
  6. What a beautiful array of colors! Love, love, love :smile:! Congratulations. :woot:
  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous!! Love them :smile:
  8. Those are fabulous!
  9. Congratulations! I love them all, there's nothing like Valentino's bow shoes, so chic.
  10. They are incredible. Love each pair.