I usually don't reveal but this was EXCITING!!!

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  1. So I reserve reveals for stuff that super excites me and next to Lily and sliced bread this bag is the hotness! Plus a little matching goodie and a super sweet vday gift from a wonderful tpfer! Anyone here?
  2. i SOOO wanna see!!!
  3. First up a little box action

  4. Let's see woman!
  5. Little hint....where's bunny she can guess it haha

  6. Im here:woohoo:
  7. [​IMG]
  8. hey am i at the beginning
  9. i love those new coach clasps... so what is it???
  10. petrol hamptons vintage hobo?
  11. Petrol Lindsay!
  12. Awesome job!!!

  13. ^^ ooh wait I bet it is a hobo
  14. I love posting at the same time! Doh!
  15. I also scored the clutch in teal which it doesn't completely match this but it does my Lindsay