I used rice to help smoke odor from old D&B

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  1. Hi all:

    A couple of weeks ago I got a AWL D&B bag from fleabay that 'comes from a smoke-free home'. lol.

    It reeked reeked reeked of cigarette smoke. I was pissed but rather than get in a neg war over a $35 bag I decided to look in this forum and use it as practice.

    I saw a lot of suggestions for wiping, for airing, and for baking soda.

    I wiped the inside of the bag as best I could using paper towels dampened with water and dish washing soap. Didn't do much for the smell, but what a lot of gunk came off!

    When my AC fan coil unit was on, I opened the purse up and laid it on top. When it wasn't, I left the bag in front of an open window.

    A week or two of this, there was some improvement, but still a long way to go.

    I kept scratching my head over the baking soda thing. If you know those vintage Dooney's they are not lined, and have lots of crannies, and I was afraid I would never get it out. Ditto with cat litter. I kept trying to think of another substance that I could experiment with.

    It hit me to try rice. Rice is hygroscopic so I thought maybe it could absorb odors as well.

    I filled the bag up 1/8th of the way and closed it. A couple of times a day, I shook it up to distribute the rice. I did this for about a week.

    Yesterday I emptied the bag. I'm very pleased. The odor is not completely gone yet, but I'd say an 80% improvement. So rice is something to consider.

    I'm going to give another wipe-down and do a rice repeat and see how much further I can get.
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  2. Wow! This is good to now for the future, if something like that happens to me.
  3. Great idea! I also heard charcoal absorbs moisture and odor; so maybe that''ll will be another option for you :smile:
  4. Did you use cooked rice or raw rice?
  5. ^ you need to use raw rice to get rid of smell.
  6. Thank you! Good to know!
  7. Sorry, raw rice.
  8. Brilliant idea, thanks for posting it! I have several vintage A-frame bags that have a faint musty odor inside. I love them but rarely carry them for this reason.

    I have a Costco membership and 15 pounds of jasmine rice. Let's do this thing. :biggrin:
  9. Excellent ide! Thx 4 sharing.

    I've used rice when my FIL's iPhone got wet. It worked!
  10. I would love to see the look on my family's faces as I am dumping raw rice into my handbag! LOL!!!
  11. The building I live in has a vent system that is open to all the apartments. The cigarette smell comes in as well as very pungent smells that some cultures/nationalities use for cooking. I am concerned with those smells as sometimes they are very extreme. Would keeping a bit of rice in purses I dont use all the time, be an option? Would the rice dry out the leather long term?
  12. That's an AWESOME idea. I have a Prada that smells kinda off, and hopefully I can get the smell out by doing this.

    Let us know how the wipe down and 2nd batch of rice work out!
  13. That's a really good idea.
  14. I'm not sure if it would help with the odors, but it might attract weevils over the long haul, so you would have to be on the watch for that. If you put some baking soda in a bag and then close the bag all but a little at the top, then place that into your handbag, that would help and not spill into the handbag (so long as you remember not to turn it upside down).
  15. Unused coffee grounds are also great at getting rid of odors. Just make a little sachet ... tie a few tablespoons up in some nylon or cheesecloth (or any breathable type fabric...the more breathable the better) and close it up inside the bag for a week or so.
    I've been able to completely get rid of musty smells, mothball odors, and even cigarette smoke this way. The bag will smell faintly like coffee for several days and then it will have really no odor at all.