I used my PCE card on a WHITE Bag! wheee!

  1. Can't believe I did it, but I really wanted a light and summery but very casual bag for a trip I am taking in July... so I got this!!


    I can just wipe off most dirt, right? Oh well, I baby my bags anyway. If only they made this style in gold, darnit... Well, I love it. The fabric is so heavy duty but also so smooth and nice.

    I also bought this for my husband's 30th birthday next month

  2. how cute is that polka dot tag!!!
  3. cute bag and definitely perfoect for summer.
  4. I love your new bag...so cute and very summery.
  5. Cute bag!
  6. Yea!
    Love the new bag!
    It seems pretty easy to care for...just clean with a baby wipe! That's what I plan on cleaning mine with if I ever get a mark on it (I baby my bags too!)

  7. That's beautiful! I have one in green.
  8. very sunny & summery:yes:! enjoy!
  9. Very cute for summer. I'm lovin' that polka dot tag too.
  10. Can't beat the Hamptons Weekend bags for summery and refreshing... now I almost want to put the Ergo away and dig out my black HW tote!
  11. Great bag! It looks summery, and casual and wonderful. And good job being brave and getting a white bag. I just got a white leather one in the mail today and am going to have to force myself to get over my white bag fear and actually use it!
  12. That's a very fresh, summery bag. Yellow is so hot right now. Enjoy!
  13. Perfect summer bag!! Congrats!!
  14. Very cute! Ditto the polka dot tag!
  15. Very pretty! An entire polka dot bag in yellow and white would be gorgeous!