I used HAIRSPRAY on VERNIS and...

  1. well it worked a little. I found I had some pen marks on my mercer, not noticable but I just thought I would try so I got a cotton cloth and rubbed gently onto where the pen mark was, the pen mark has now gone very faint to what it was. Im sure if I was to do it more (which I will later), it may even lift the whole mark off. Has anybody else tried this ??
  2. Oh cool. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Huh...interesting! Kind of makes sense....since we use hairspray on pen marks on clothing, etc.!
  4. Interesting! Thanks for sharing!
  5. I knew hairspray works well on fabrics, but wondered if it would take the shine out of LV vernis....I'm really glad it worked for you, but I personally would have been too chicken to try that !!!!!!!
  6. interesting, thanks for posting!
  7. it works great on scuffed shoes too.
  8. Thanks for the tip!
  9. I wouldn't recommend using it excessively, like travelbliss said, it could possibly take the shine off vernis :yes:
  10. I would have been way too chicken too! I never would have tried that! Maybe on the inside...
  11. Just to add, It does NOT take all the pen mark off, it makes it a little fainter than it was. If the pen mark is deap then it will not lift much off it. :smile:
  12. did someone use the magic eraser on vernis?
  13. yes it was Twink, and the results were that it doesnt get pen marks off but blemishes/marks on the vernis and vachetta will come off.
  14. oh cool! did you spray the hairspray on the vernis or the cloth?
  15. Interesting!